Our mission is to digitally transform the world of advertising and marketing. We connect publishers and advertisers around the globe using our proprietary technology to generate exceptional ROI from digital campaigns.

Company Overview

ActiveConversion was founded on the idea that a company’s online presence should generate more than just visitors, clicks and impressions – it should help grow their business. To this end, we developed a robust customer data platform to help B2B, industrial, and niche B2C companies succeed online and expand into new markets.

Today, we offer a complete system that connects advertisers to niche, industry publishers who can drive exceptional results using intent data and identity resolution.

Our technology is able to work with hundreds of publications across North America and has consistently been able to provide advertisers with 5-10X more ROI from their digital campaigns.

How Are We Changing The Advertising Industry?

ActiveConversion answers the age-old question that has plagued many companies – ‘is my advertising working?’ It answers this by using technology to provide a combination of lead generation and lead attribution that takes the guesswork out of advertising and marketing.

We recently developed a scalable, pay for performance model for selling ‘in market’ leads to advertisers via publishers. We do this using publisher partnerships that are focused around sharing data using digital transformation. This model changes the dynamic of the publisher/advertiser relationship much like Uber changed the taxi/rider relationship.

This technology and business model has the potential to disrupt the ad industry and is already providing astounding value to advertisers, marketing agencies and publishers.

Our Advisory Board

ActiveConversion’s advisory board is a committed group of industry veterans who provide insight & guidance on the strategic direction of our company.

Their influence supports and informs decisions that advance our mission of making marketing and advertising work for B2B companies.


Art is currently working as the Chief Executive Officer for Global Cyber Security at Singtel, a multi-billion dollar telecommunications company.


Darby is currently a Ventures Advisor at RBC Ventures, the venture capital arm of Canada’s largest bank, with over 20 years of experience in digital media.


Kelly has been successful in a number of entrepreneurial ventures, most notably when he co-founded Net Effects which was later sold to Ask Jeeves.


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